Toddler Travel Tips


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

As someone who traveled all over the world before having kids, I figured once I had kids that the good times would come to an end.  Because of that, I tried to get every place I wanted to go before having kids, but unfortunately because of vacation time limits and not being rich I wasn’t even able to get close.  Plus, the more places you see and more places you go, that just makes you want to see more places.  While my wife was pregnant with our now 4 year old, I scheduled our what I thought would be our last major European adventure.  We

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Machu Picchu, Peru

spent a month running all over Europe, starting in Frankfurt, Germany and driving all over from Southern Italy to Barcelona, Spain, and everywhere in between.  There were so many places to see, and it was our last European vacation…or so I thought.

I know the thought of travelling with babies and kids sounds like hell for many parents.  I have a few friends who don’t even take their little kids out to eat let alone on an International Vacation.  After travelling all over Europe with two little ones, in addition to hiking all over Peru/Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley, I have learned quite a bit about travelling with little ones.  While every child is different (ours are 100% different when it comes to travel), I think many of these tips will apply to nearly anyone. First off and most importantly…realize that if you used to travel before without kids and you try with little ones, realize the super stress free relaxing times are just over.  If you are willing to accept that, and make some life long memories travelling with your little ones read on.

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